Egyptian Tomb

Scorpion's Tomb

Egyptian Coffin

Fire Bowl


Old Pot

This project made at college. Egyptian theme level environment every model, and most of the textures were created by me.

Scorpion tomb where lies the king in the north of King's Valley of Delgin. After an unexpected attack, hitman bandits that were hired by the evil Talgo ruler south river from the King’s Valley. Bandits kidnapped the son of the Sergus king and killed him by his own blade Scorpion King Sword. Delgin survived and was raised by an old man named Sage who trained him to protect himself and treat people kindly. When the boy was older he finally went his way to find his purpose. Once he found his true home and was the son of the king who was murdered he took his father's lead. After successfully killing the evil greedy king Talgo. Delgin gives his people peace and kindness. When he was older his death was irrelevant by his own son that was selfish and jealous.

Citizens built a proper royal burial for King Delgin in a cavern tomb, people give and moan hope he'd return.

July 21, 2018